Kshitij was established by a team of passionate professionals.
The team comprising of diversified professionals are united by the common goal of promoting well being.


Enhancing Quality of Life and Epitomizing Wellbeing

Kshitij was established by a team of passionate professionals. The team comprising of diversified professionals are united by the common goal of promoting well being. In their respective professional journeys, it was observed that well being mainly health, finance, security and gender of human resources were compromised due to lack of awareness and access to conducive environment.

Keeping the changing paradigms in mind, Kshitij, a registered non profit decided to address the above through a comprehensive framework. The method adopted is a collaborative approach with active participation of community members comprising of formal, informal workers, children, youth along with secondary and other stakeholders for welfare of the communities.


Our Approach & Strategies

Kshitij believes that every individual, organization and community has the capacity to make their own choices. As an organization, we offer capacity building leading towards betterment of their lives and thereby promoting sustainable well being.

Ownership & Vision

A futuristic approach, we envision the program models to be owned by the community members for sustaining well being.

Life Coach

We intend to have a continuous engagement with the community members. Therefore, the coach performs the role of a mentor and counsellor.

Enable Environment to Sustain

We are keen on developing robust systems for promoting well being. A collaborative effort, it requires working closely with the secondary stakeholders.

Scale-up for Greater Impact

The goal of Kshitij is to identify change makers for scaling up well being. The changemakers will continue promoting well being in their respective ecosystem thereby accelerating impact.


Strategic engagement with factories, brands, fashion houses, community members and other stakeholders to facilitate well being

We at Kshitij offer an ecosystem by promoting, stimulating discussions with direct beneficiaries mainly workers, families, factories and communities. The person to person interaction allows us to incorporate the views of multiple stakeholders and design sustainable models. The models created are scalable, enabling larger impact.


Strategic engagement of children, youth, family, educational institutions, government and community

Kshitij is exploring the possibilities of working with children and youth from marginalized communities in partnership with schools, colleges, educational institutions, skill training partners, civil society and corporates across India. The interventions designed will contribute by promoting positive behavior at an early stage thereby creating a greater impact.

Our Gallery


Water & Environment

Financial and Social Inclusion

Gender Sensitive

Life Skills

Education, Skill Training & Job Placement

Services offered for formal and informal sectors
  • Capacity building for workers, supervisors, mid-managers and senior management
  • Engagement strategy for all levels of workers and staff in the factory
  • Committee Strengthening
  • Outbound training
  • Technical assistance to achieve well being
  • Customization of Wellbeing models


what people says


This session was very nice.I am happy for this session.I will try to prevent sexual harassment.

Worker Manufacturing Industry

I enjoyed through the session. The content & message of training was clear and easy to understand. Thanks a lot for such wonderful training.

Chandan Kumar Supervisor, Manufacturing Industry

I am happy imparting the training to others in my company. Sharing the information will initiate some changes in them and might help in reducing their suffering.

Chanda, Trained Peer Educator Manufacturing Industry, UP

My mother is unwell and my father attends to household chores. Many people in the community made negative remarks about this setup. Initially I felt bad about it. However, after attending a session on gender, I realized that these are conventional norms and we need to break it

Worker Welby, Noida

Practical examples of sexual harassment was best & that was all means covers all incident & emotions. Before this training, I had already attended the training on this topic,but with this time, this training given by you via activity was best.

Management Staff Manufacturing Industry
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