About Us


Kshitij was established by a team of passionate professionals. The team comprising of diversified professionals are united by the common goal of promoting well being. In their respective professional journeys, it was observed that well being mainly health, finance, security and gender of human resources were compromised due to lack of awareness and access to conducive environment.



Strategic Engagement to Empower communities and stakeholders

System strengthening and advocacy to promote well being

Innovative solutions to sustain well being

Partnership to scale well-being

We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them succeed in constantly changing and challenging business and social world.

Kshitij believe in identifying change makers for scaling up well being.

Kshitij designs or customizes the model depending on needs of the communities through an INNOVATIVE approach. The models engage, empower and promote socially conscious communities. An integral aspect is to enlighten the communities by breaking gender stereotypes and emphasizing on active participation of men, women and transgenders.