Our Stratagy

Community Wellbeing Strategies to address Life Cycle of Communities
Self Sustainable Worker

The goal of Kshitij is to offer a conducive platform to promote well being among community members. The platform will be created and owned by the members. They will work in a self sustainable manner to promote and scale up well being in their respective professional and personal life. The platform will be beneficial for not only the workers but also family members,factories, brands, buying houses and government

Skill training & Job placement

According to social scientists, developed nations are experiencing a negative population growth. On the other hand, 64% of India’s population will be in the working age group by 2020. To harness the untapped potential of this emerging workforce, offering employment opportunities is crucial.

WWB Certification Course

The certification course is meant for individuals aspiring to be change makers in the society. They will work actively with the sole aim of promoting well being in the formal and informal sector. Kshitij would welcome working professionals and students for pursuing this course. We are keen on partnering with academic and research institutions to amplify the impact.

Strategic Engagement

We at Kshitij offer an ecosystem by promoting stimulating discussions with direct beneficiaries mainly workers, families, factories and other stakeholders such as brands, buying houses, civil society etc. The person to person interaction allows us to incorporate the views of multiple stakeholders and design sustainable models. The models created are scalable, enabling larger impact.

Services offered for formal and informal sectors through supply chain Contact Uss organisationsare as follows
  • Capacity building of workers, supervisors, mid-managers and senior management
  • Engagement strategy for all levels of workers and staff in the factory
  • Committee Strengthening
  • Outbound training and capacity building support
  • Technical assistance to achieve wellbeign
  • Ideation, Design, Test and Scale supplier specific program to reach desire outcomes


Kshitij is exploring to work with children and youth from marginalized communities in partnership with schools, colleges, educational institutions, skill programmes, skill training partners, civil society and corporates across India. The objective is to extend technical support through Life skills intervention so that children and youth are able to choose better career path and sustain their jobs which will contribute towards improved quality of life and well-being among children and youth.

We believe that the intervention among children and youth will promote positive behaviour at the early stage which will promote wellbeing across the country and globe. Our special concerns being awareness for children and youth on sexual harassment.

Target Groups
01. School and College dropouts
02.Children and youth pursuing education
03.Youth who are in edge of completion of course
04.Youth who are looking for job
05.Children and youth in conflict with law
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